About Our Male Doodles!

There is a lot of conversation about: Do I want a male vs. do I want a female Doodle? Since our Doodle pups will go to their forever homes using early spay/neuter, our experience along with other Australian Labradoodle breeders experience, shows there is no difference in their behavior! We find our males (they all live in the house with us and one is even our bedmate) to be so loving, gentle, and easy going.

“Doodle Fit” Requirements for Adoption

SmoochBarksdale is a small (southern – family) breeder exclusively of multi–generation Australian Labradoodles. Getting our first Doodle (Southern Cross Smooch) took a lot of thought and research to decide if this new dog was right for us. Smooch was everything we wanted and more. It is important that those who adopt our puppies have that same kind of experience. In order to facilitate a good Doodle Fit we have established a few requirements for owning one of our puppies.

A puppy application must first be completed, reviewed and approved by Barksdale.

Before adopting a puppy from Barksdale and once the puppy has been identified, a binding agreement between the parties will be executed.

How the Barksdale Process Works


Families decide which litter interests them.


Communicate with Barksdale about litters via email or by phone.


Discuss size, color, coat, timing, temperament, and any other needs or wants.


Read what you get with a Barksdale by going to Pricing and Payment Center.


Submit a deposit (PayPal or Check) and email puppy application (PDF).


Approved Application is then sent to the “Forever Family”.


Visits “where & when logistically possible” to Barksdales primary facility in Magee are welcome after 2 weeks of age. While these visits are possible due to our Nursery Facilities - puppies can only be viewed until they receive their first inoculations.


Barksdale Puppies can and will be designated at various ages of their lives, with the primary designation done at between 6 and 7 weeks of age. Barksdale does the selection based on priority of reservation, needs & wants, and most importantly the “Doodle Fit”.


Barksdale Labradoodles reserves the right to select two puppies first from every litter for our breeding program.

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